16 4 / 2013

  • When you pack breakables, wrap them in shirts rather than newspaper.
  • Put plastic wrap between the bottle and lids to keep liquids from leaking
  • Pack heavy things like books in a rolling suitcase instead of boxes, it’ll be easier to transport
  • Put clothes in garbage bags, you’ll be able to squish them to fit around other boxes
  • Roll clothes instead of folding them, it saves space while packing
  • Label boxes with taped on note cards so you can write lists of what’s inside
  • Number boxes so you can know which ones to unpack first (i.e. Number 1 will have things for contacts, chargers, etc.)
  • Be sure to clean your room before leaving, including vacuuming and cleaning fridges
  • If you rearranged your furniture in the res halls, be sure to move everything back to the way it was found
  • Be sure to eat up any food that will go bad, or you cannot save, like ramen
  • Most res halls will have bulletin boards with instructions, and you can ask them about proper move out
  • If you are coming back to the res halls, you can ask the RED of your future building if you can put things in storage over the summer
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